IslamNew York, may 21.- I write these lines sitting among the quietness of Bryant Park, just a couple blocks from Times Square, thinking about the never-ending light rain from the publicity hanging around the walls of its iconic buildings, while you’re on the trail a large number of hurried drivers and walkers appear and vanish by these avenues who are amongst the most crucial in the planet.

Does such an approach work to reduce terrorism? Analyses by terror experts in various newspapers and magazines suggest otherwise; “Islamic Extremist Terrorists are Motivated by Very Different Reasons than Western People Think”; “What Could Lead a Person to Cause His or Her Own Violent Death…”; etc.

In recent months, the Meriden public school in Connecticut made the headlines recently in March 2012, with a consideration to ban tight clothing from being worn in class, as it believes such clothing disrupts the education process from happening. It is understandable that private schools hold the freedom to impose dress regulations on its students. However, does a public school that’s funded through taxpayer money hold the directly to impose any dress code on its student populace?

Hebrews 6:1-2 outlines a main chunk of the major issues – the elementary principles of Christ’s own doctrine (teaching). There are 1,001 Bible lessons being taught on 1,001 subjects, nevertheless, you don’t need to teach (or perhaps oversee) them. Radical discipleship produces radical disciples who just go share the Gospel making use of their own Muslim friends. Radical discipleship may be messy. It implies relying on the Holy Spirit inside lives of former Muslims (new followers of Christ).

Life in al-Barzakh: This is the fourth the main Islamic books series titled “The inevitable journey”. Written by Muhammad Al Jibaly, this book leads your reader over the final stages of the soul beginning from the time of death. It tells its reader in regards to the soul’s day at heavens, the punishments inside grave, the differences that is encountered with the sinners as well as the pious and the things that may help the soul.

The people from the book would be the Christians, Jews, along with the Muslims. Christians got the Gospel (Bible), and Jews got the Torah, and Muslims were given the Holy book of Quran. But as Allah states within the Holy Quran how the everyone was not too receptive towards teachings of Prophet Mohammed (SAW), despite realizing that he was truthful in regards to the prophecies.

As there are a number of Islamic books being published each year, it will become challenging to select people that are fact based and good to learn in the scores obtainable in stores. For a book lover like me, the most crucial portion of reading may be the collection of books that I read in order to get something informative, well written and not repetitive. For this very reason, I always find yourself doing more research about recent books before I go to acquire one. Here is little compilation of the extremely popular Islamic books inside today’s world that were interesting to learn!

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